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The following commands are all available via the chatbot:

Table Key:

  • Command: Self explanatory, the command to be executed by the chatbot
  • Example: An example of the command and how to use it
  • Admin Only: True/False - If the command is only available to bot admins
  • Description: A brief description of the command
  • Availability: Where the command is available. Possible options include:
    • 🌎 - Globally available everywhere the bot is present
    • 🔒 - Locked to certain servers / chatrooms (not publically available)
    • 🔒👨‍💻 - Locked to the bot admins
    • ❌ - Disabled
Command Example Description Availability
.help - The help command to view all available commands 🌎
.docs - View the public documenation link for the bot 🌎
.about - View information data about the chatbot 🌎
.crypto .crypto btc Get the current price of a crypto currency 🌎
.load - Get the system load 🌎
.ping - Check if the bot is online 🌎
.version - See what version of the bot is running 🌎
.random fact - Get a random fun fact 🌎
.status - View the status of the bot 🌎
.status gc - View the garbage collection status of the bot 🌎
.status plugins - View the status of the bot plugins 🌎
.stats - Get the total stats for all the bot commands that have been used 🌎
.uptime - View the bots "uptime" 🌎
.weather .weather Denver Get the current weather for a city 🌎
.covid .covid --region global Get covid statistics for a two letter country code --region us|it|etc 🌎
.insult .insult @errbot Insult a given user. Great with friends! 🌎
.add me to league watcher .add me to league watcher <summoner_name> Add a summoner to the League watcher to "watch" for their games and post messages in the #league channel 🔒
.remove me from league watcher - Remove your summoner from the League watcher 🔒
.last match for .last match for <summoner_name> Get the last League match data for a given summoner 🌎
.lmf .lmf <summoner_name> Get the last League match data for a given summoner (An alias for .last match for) 🌎
.league disable - Disable the League watcher 🔒👨‍💻
.league enable - Enable the League watcher 🔒👨‍💻
.league streak - View your current league win/loss streak 🔒
.add to league watcher .add to league watcher --summoner birki --discord birki#0001 --guild 12345 Admin command to add a summoner + Discord handle combo to a given guild for the League watcher 🔒👨‍💻
.remove from league watcher .remove from league watcher --discord <discord_guild_id> --summoner <summoner_name> Admin command to remove a summoner in a specific discord guild from the league watcher 🔒👨‍💻
.view my league watcher data .view my league watcher data View your league watcher data 🔒
.loud .loud rickroll.mp3 Play a very loud sound from the sounds folder on the bot 🔒
.loud list - List all the mp3 sound files which can be used by the .loud command 🌎
.loud random - Play a random sound from the sounds folder on the bot 🌎
.play .play <youtube_url | soundcloud_url> Play a song, or sound from YouTube or Soundcloud - Optionally use --queue <number> to select the queue position to play the song 🔒
.play help - View a detailed and pretty help command for .play 🔒
.play queue - See what is in the .play queue 🔒
.play stats - See the all time stats for the .play command in your server 🔒
.skip - Skip the current song playing / at the top of the queue 🔒
.stop - Stop the current song and nuke the whole .play queue 🔒
.scdl .scdl <soundcloud_song_url> Uses scdl to download any song from soundcloud 🔒
.rem .rem <key> is <value> Have the bot remember something - Inspired by hubot under the MIT license 🌎
.forget .forget <key> Make the bot forget something that is being remembered 🌎
.rem search .rem search <key> Search all things being remembered 🌎
.remember .rememeber <key> is <value> The "longform" version of the .rem command 🌎
.tts .tts hello world! I will be read over text to speech Read a text message over text to speech in a voice channel (that you are connected to) 🔒
.echo .echo hello A simple command to echo back a message (Like the Linux "echo" binary) 🌎
.history - View the past few commands (history) that have been used by the bot 🌎
.log tail - Tail / View the bots latest log messages that have been written 🔒👨‍💻
.reboot - Reboots the bot 🔒👨‍💻
.users - See a total count of all the users that 'could' interact with the bot in all servers 🔒👨‍💻
.servers - See a list of all active servers the bot is in 🔒👨‍💻
.ban .ban user#1234 Ban a user from interacting with the bot 🔒👨‍💻
.banned users - View all the users that have been banned 🔒👨‍💻
.unban .unban user#1234 Remove a ban for a given user 🔒👨‍💻
.ban .ban server 1234567890 Ban an entire server from interacting with the bot 🔒👨‍💻
.banned servers - View all the servers that have been banned 🔒👨‍💻
.unban server .unban server 1234567890 Remove a ban for a given server 🔒👨‍💻
.render test - Render a sample message with errbot to see how the chat service handles it 🌎
.whoami - Return a block of data about who the bot thinks you are 🌎
.wallstreetbets - View the top trending stonks from /r/wallstreetbets 🌎
.sparkle .sparkle @username for being awesome Sparkle a user to show your appreciation! (optionally provide a reason for the sparkling) - Inspired by pwn 🌎
.show sparkles .show sparkes - .show sparkles for @username View the sparkles (and their reasons) for yourself or another user - Inspired by pwn 🌎
.down .down twitter Get a DownDetector graph and the status for a given service 🌎
.qrcode .qrcode Create a QR code for any url, text, etc 🌎
.eft help - Help message for all .eft commands 🌎
.eft .eft clock Get an Escape from Tarkov item and its value 🌎
.eft ammo .eft ammo 7.62x39mm Get information about an ammo type 🌎
.eft ammo help - Get information about the ammo types that can be used with the .eft ammo command 🌎
.eft status .eft status - .eft status --messages Get the current status of the Escape from Tarkov servers 🌎
.eft map .eft map shoreline Get an image of a map for a given Tarkov location 🌎
.eft map help - Get information about the maps that can be used with the .eft map command 🌎
.eft time - Get the current time in Tarkov 🌎
.eft track .eft track --item <item> --threshold <threshold> --channel <channel> Track an item for price changes in Escape from Tarkov - Note: Make sure to wrap --item "search with spaces" in quotes if it contains spaces 🌎
.eft untrack .eft untrack <item> Stop tracking a tracked item for price changes in Escape from Tarkov 🌎
.eft track help - Get the detailed help command for the Escape from Tarkov item tracker 🌎
.ip ip Get the geolocation of a public IP address 🔒

Note: . is the bot prefix to invoke the bot in production and ! is often used for development